Bharat and Sheela Gandhi,
Astrologers and Palmists with accurate Horoscopes


Details of Readings

Full horoscopes/readings are made using date, time and place of your birth to give you an accurate picture as to how your life is progressing and where the blockages or problems are or will occur. Bharat and Sheela will also advise you how to overcome any blockages or problems in the horoscopes. Sheela is an accurate Astrologer with 39 years plus and Bharat has 45 years plus experience in this field.

The prices start from £35.00 for a basic Astrology Horoscope/reading (about 23 pages) to a more detailed Astrology Horoscope/reading (about 45 pages) for 10 years which will cost £75.00. The reading will include your career, marriage and any relationships, money, children and prosperity. Bharat and Sheela will also work out which mantras are right for you to listen to from the prepared horoscopes. The mantra CD is sent free with the full basic and 10 years readings There are different mantras for different planets. You will find lot of positive changes after listening to the mantra CD daily.


This type of Crystals combined with Astrology reading is uncannily accurate. Send your time, birth date, and the place of your birth. We can give you a very accurate picture of your life. We use crystals and Vedic Astrology to give your life reading. The readings are £50.00 each as each reading takes on average about 2 hours to work out. Bharat and Sheela will also send a free mantra CD to listen with the above readings.


This type of reading will give all weakness in your birth charts and the solutions to rectify any problems, which will help you, sail through life with great ease and without worries. We also remove blockages in your life using light energy. The readings are £35.00 each.


The Tarot readings are carried out using Celtic Tarot cards and this gives excellent information as to how your life is at the present and any problems which are likely to occur. Readings are £35.00 each. You need to send your questions for postal reading. We also do Psychic readings and the readings are £35.00 each.


The Palmistry readings are also available using impressions of palm prints of both hands sent by you. Readings are £35.00 each. Palmistry readings combined with Astrology give a very accurate picture of your life trend. The combined Astrology and Palmistry readings are £50.00 each. You also get a free mantra CD which is worked out from your horoscope.

Sheela Gandhi has written several articles on Astrology, Dark Energy, Black Magic, how to remove Dark Energy, Protection against black magic and removing evil spirits.

We also have numerous testimonials from our clients who have have succeeded and some of these can be found on Trust Pilot or Google plus